Therapy/Meditation sessions

Intuitive Energy Reading

In a space of the relaxation and loving acceptance of the heart, we allow the intuitive abilities of the heart chakra to reflect what is happening inside of you and the significance of what is happening in your life; then open for the guidance and information which comes as we listen. You may focus on a question or an area of life, or simply ask to receive whatever comes.
45 minutes $100, 60 minutes $125, 90 minutes $150

Tarot Reading

An Intuitive Energy Reading can also be done with the added fun of Tarot cards. The mystery of tarot is a beautiful way to see your life situation, or a particular question. The presence of both people and the insight of the reader will give a clearer picture of what is happening to you, and reveal new possibilities.
45 minutes $100, 60 minutes $125, 90 minutes $150


Body-Mind Relaxation

This guided session will help you to come in touch with the space of self-love, silence and peace that is within each one of us. It is not only a refreshing experience, but will also provide tools to take home with you, so you can practice this meditative way of connecting with your inner source in your daily life.
60 minutes $40, 90 minutes  $175

healing hypnosis

Relaxing Therapeutic Hypnosis

Hypnosis allows the power of the unconscious mind to work to affect positive changes you would like to have in your life. Although it can be very effective for specific health goals like like losing weight, stopping smoking, or eating more healthily, you may simply want to be able to relax more, to feel more creativity, to sleep better, to not react to certain situations, or to alleviate inappropriate fears. These are just a few of the things that are possible to address.
90 minutes  $175

Past Life Regression

In this regression technique from therapeutic hypnosis you are guided to relax and move back in time through past lives, to bring love to past events, and gather insight and understandings about situations in our life now. Again, you may focus on a question or an area of life, or simply ask to receive whatever comes.
90 minutes $175

Emotional Counseling

In this session we look at the issues or situations causing stress, worry, pain, and find the underlying feelings that are bothering you. By exploring and acknowledging the feelings that are moving within you, bringing acceptance and love to those feelings, and using the simple alchemy of breath and meditation, you can allow these natural feelings to flow and become part of your wholeness.
90 minutes  $175

Resolving the Past

This special process helps you to get to the root in early life of an issue that is affecting your health, happiness, relationships and well-being, and actually resolve events, misunderstandings and negative beliefs formed in childhood, so a new way of being can begin.
90 minutes  $175, 2 hours $220

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